Driveway Cleaning

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Driveway Cleaning Services in Wilmington Delaware

Looking for Driveway Cleaning in Wilmington DE & Surrounding areas of Delaware? Squeeky Clean provides professional and reliable Driveway Cleaning services for both Residential and Commercial clients. We specialize in all facets of Concrete & Ground Cleaning Services. We clean driveways constructed from all different types of substrates including: concrete, stencilcrete, pebblecrete,  pavers, asphalt, bitumen sandstone, limestone, cobblestone, sealed concrete, painted and decorative concrete and more.

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Driveway Stain Removal

Driveways and other ground surfaces are subject to a wide variety of stains. Squeeky Clean can not clean your driveway but we can restore it to its as new condition, removing a wide variety of stains commonly found on ground surfaces including driveways. We are highly effective at removing many of those stains without a trace. We regularly remove the following stains from Driveways and other ground surfaces: oil, grease, brake and transmission fluids, rust, fertilizer stains, orange battery acid stains, tree sap, leaf stains, moss, algae, lichen, general dirt and more. Call us today to discuss your specific stain removal task, if you have a type of stain not listed here.

Why Choose Us To Clean Your Driveway?

  • Many years of experience in the Power Washing industry
  • We have cleaned hundreds if not thousands of driveways over the years for many happy customers
  • Effective at Removing a wide variety of stains and pollutants
  • Fully trained crew who strive for high quality results and customer service excellence
  • Environmentally friendly. We do not pollute the planet whilst undertaking our works.
  • Value for money. Affordable and competitive prices are guaranteed with Squeeky Clean