Siding Cleaning

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Vinyl Siding Cleaning in Delaware

Are you looking for Vinyl Siding or Aluminum Siding Cleaning services in Wilmington DE or Surrounding areas of Delaware? Call Squeeky Clean today for a free estimate and appraisal regarding the cleaning and restoration of your siding.

We are Delaware’s most trusted, most experience Vinyl Siding Cleaning & Aluminum Siding Cleaning Company.

Why Choose Us To Clean Your Siding?

We use low pressure soft washing methods in conjunction with environmentally friendly, non toxic cleaning solutions to eliminate dirt and grime kill over all microorganisms such as algae, moss, mildew and lichen. We also remove all other contaminants and will not cause any damage to your home’s siding. Water can easily be forced between your siding when using excessive high pressure water cleaning. This can lead to trapped moisture and then a range of problems with accelerate moss, mildew and algae growth even internal problems with raising damp.